Let the Move Begin

I’ll be off of the internet for a few days while I move. Grand Rapids here I come. Tomorrow is the big day. My brother and I are going to get this thing done; I have faith. Well, that and not a lot of stuff.

As far as work goes… I spoke to my new boss, Dave, and he’s going to pick me up on Monday so that I can get my truck. My tools are waiting for me. My uniforms have been ordered. My phone arrived today, Verizon XV6800 Smartphone, and is charging as I type this.

I’ve forwarded my mail and changed my address, but I’m keeping my existing phone number. Tomorrow I’ll sign the lease and move in.

Yesterday, I got the motorcycle out for the first time this year. Took it for a short ride to pick up my last check from Nichols. It felt good to be riding again and I’m looking forward to riding it around this summer. Yes, it’ll be going with me. Probably not until next weekend though. I can only drive so many vehicles at one time.

I’m both looking forward to this change in my life and anxious about moving so far away from everyone I know. The stress of it all caught up with me on Tuesday when the apartment complex called to say I was approved. Now it’s really happening. I’m moving. Out on my own for the first time. No family. No girlfriend. No wife. No kids. Hell, no friends. It’s a completely fresh start. And that’s both exciting and a tad frightening. But it’ll make me a better, stronger person and the money should be pretty good, too.

Okay, next post should be from my new digs. Maybe there’ll even be pictures. Take care and wish me luck. Later.

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