Live Action D&D Cartoon

In September of 1983 I was very excited about the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. It took all of one episode for me to recognize that it was not realizing my vision for a saturday morning cartoon based on my favorite game. I was disappointed and didn’t much care for the cartoon. But through the lense of nostalgia, I’ve become more forgiving and the cartoon has a fond place in my memory. Mostly, because it was a thing. A thing I would have never thought would be.

The D&D movie… yeah, that’s still garbage.

But this commercial is very cool and I’d be up for seeing more of this. I cannot believe how mainstream D&D is right now. It’s crazy. It’s cool. It’s crazy-cool.

so this is a thing that’s pretty cool

Also, those statues in the feature image, they’re real. I may be getting at least one of them. We’ll see.