New Ride

2017 chevrolet impala

On the way home from school Wednesday night the Malibu died and had to be towed to the dealership. That turned out to be a rather pricey repair, coming in at over $750. The Malibu is just about 5-years old, out of warranty, and with 60,000 miles on the odometer it’s getting to the point where a certain amount of work is going to be needed.

Time to pull the trigger on a new car.

Perhaps, I just have the bug. My son just bought a new car, my uncle just bought a new car, Dale is always buying something, and I’m feeling left out. I want something new.

We were thinking the next vehicle was going to be an SUV, but after test driving the Equinox, we decided that it was just too much like a minivan. I’ve always been a car guy and while I would have been okay with the SUV, I was happy to pass it by and get a car.

It doesn’t handle like the Malibu, but it’s 305 hp V6 matches the Malibu and will hit 60 in 6.1 seconds and that is quicker than either my Malibu or my Camaro. And I must say it sounds pretty good doing so. It’s a step up, going from the mid-size Malibu to the full-size Impala, but to compensate for that we had to step down from the LTZ (now called Premium) trim level to the LT. We lose some of the bells and whistles, but even still, this car has a lot of impressive standard features.

I hope we get a lot of good years out of this car. I can say, less than a day into living with it, I like it.

it’s a big car