New Years Resolutions

The New Year is fast approaching. Soon all that was 2005 will be shrouded in a mist of vague remembrance. Was it a good year? Was it a bad year? I don’t know. Initially I say good, but then I think about some of the obstacles that were placed in my path and wonder, was it really? This is the time of year when you’re supposed to think about stuff like that. What happened in the past year, what changes should I make for the coming year, and am I where I want to be in my life. So we come to the mythic bastion of lies and self delusion that I like to call the New Years Resolution.
Writing is something that seems to start the year strong, wan in the spring and summer and then begin to wax once again as autumn closes in on winter. Which is a pattern I need to break, I need to make writing a year long pursuit. So with that in mind I’ve got a few resolutions that tie directly to my writing.
I resolve to write something everyday; blog post, fiction, love note, grocery list, whatever.
I resolve to write a thousand words a day, four days a week on my novel, with the goal being two hundred thousand words and two finished drafts in 2006.
I resolve to finish editing and revisions of A Difficult Dinner and submit it to at least half a dozen publishers in 2006.
I resolve to edit, outline, brainstorm, and story build one day a week so that when I finish one project I’ll be ready for the next.
Unlike years past, in 2006 I will not set a weight loss goal. I know where I should be and I know how much I need to lose. This year I will make my resolution reflect what I need to do to be healthier.
I resolve to take the dog on a thirty minute walk everyday. This’ll do my fat dog as much good as it’ll do me.
I resolve to do a full exercise routine three times a week and to do basic calisthenics every morning in 2006.
I resolve to give up drinking soda (again) and eating fast food.
I resolve to learn to jump rope without looking like a clumsy oaf.
A couple other things that I want to address in 2006 and so get their own resolutions.
I resolve to be more involved in the household; chores, finances, child rearing.
I resolve to spend more time with my wife just being a couple.
I resolve to get off my ass and get the home repair projects taken care of.
So there you have it, my New Years resolutions. Did you make any? Did you make any you don’t think you’ll be able to keep? Do you have a plan for keeping your resolutions? I do, but I’ll put the plan in another post.