Old Blog Problems

Hmmm…. I was trying to figure out a way to import my old blog into this one, but I don’t see an easy way. Of course the last backup I have of my old blog is from 2003. Unless Doug has a more recent back-up. I’m guessing he doesn’t, but you never know with him.

So I have an old back-up of my Nucleus blog, and I’m thinking this other file is a WordPress file, but I’m not gonna swear on that. Ah well, what I really need is my domain back or maybe I should just get a new one. Frustrating.

Today I worked in Kalamazoo and Constantine, so there was a lot of driving involved in my day. And to make it even better, it rained like crazy on the way back. When I got home I cleaned the house in anticipation of Tasha’s weekend visit.