Popcorn Time

Google sent me a coupon to watch a movie for $1.99. So this weekend I watched Captain Marvel, a movie that I hadn’t seen yet and a movie that seemed to stir up quite a bit of internet fuss when it came out a couple months back.

Captain Marvel (2019)

To my mind, the two biggest problems for Captain Marvel are it’s inevitable comparison to Wonder Woman and the fact that Carol Danvers is not particularly likeable. The first issue is directly related to the second issue there. From what I’ve seen online this is a problem in the comic books as well, the Carol likeability thing. She actually shows more personality at the beginning of the movie than she does at the end. But even at the beginning she’s not really likeable. I mean, I never wanted to hang out with her.

This is not a Brie Larson thing. I’ve enjoyed Brie in the few other things I’ve seen her in–Kong: Skull Island and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. No, this seems to be a character problem. If you’re going to make this super powerful woman the new Marvel headliner, you need to make her a bit more relatable and easier to root for, i.e. Ironman or Captain America. Wonder Woman was relatable, shit, even Black Widow is relatable, Scarlet Witch not so much. Captain Marvel is too much Scarlet Witch and not enough Wonder Woman.

I enjoyed pretty much everything else in this movie. The de-aging effects on Nick Fury and Phil Coulson were very good, the twist done with the skrulls and the kree, the cat, the original Mar-Vell, and even the origin of the eye-patch were fun and entertaining to me. Watching Captain Marvel do her thing was well done and very cool, the fights were good, and there were only a couple CGI scenes that stood out negatively to my eye. But damn it, I just don’t like Carol Danvers enough to get invested in her as a character.

I’ll give this movie four out of five stars because it’s better than three stars and I don’t give half stars. Besides, had they just made Carol more personable, or at least more interesting, it would have been a solid four star movie.

P.S. I waited around after the credits for that. Really.

This next one may surprise a few of you. I forgot to include it when I did my last round-up of recently watched movies. Let’s take a look at Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt (2016)

The previews for this movie looked pretty sweet, but damn if it didn’t get slammed by critics and audiences alike. What’s the deal? Hey, it’s on the Roku channel and it’s one of their front page banner movies. They seem pumped about hosting it, let’s give it a try and find out what the deal is.

IMDB says that this has a 5.4/10 score, 25% from Metacritic, and Rotten Tomatoes shows a 15% positive critic score and a 37% audience score. Yeah, I can see where the critics would hate this movie. It’s that kind of movie. But even the audience score seems low to me. I mean come on, Metacritic gave 40% to Jupiter Ascending and that’s one of worst movies I’ve seen. This was not a great movie, but it wasn’t terrible. I watched it and was suitably entertained.

Sure, it was cheesy as all get out in places, the special effects ranged from good to not good, and the story was weak. But having said all that, let me tell you what I did like and what I didn’t. They had these worm/dragon things that were pretty poorly done, but I had not seen anything like them before and they were kinda cool, you know, if you could get past the shoddy CGI. The gods being taller than the mortals was pretty cool and done pretty well. The gold winged form of Horus was cool as were the wings of Isis. And there were a bunch of name actors in here that I was not expecting to see. Oh, and the music was pretty good.

And the bad. Acting wasn’t great. The dialogue was weak. Weirdly, no one in this thing looks egyptian; it’s a bunch of white folk. Well, except for Black Panther. Gerard Butler was in it and while he’s not unlikeable, his movies don’t do well. Just sayin. This movie steals all the cool stuff from about a score of other movies, which is not terribly original or done as well, but it is all the cool stuff. And lastly, I’m sure it didn’t live up to its 140 million dollar budget, but I watched it for free. And for free, it was not bad.

I’m not going to run out and buy this thing on blu ray, but neither do I regret having spent 127 minutes watching it at home on a Saturday afternoon. It’s not particularly memorable, but I’ve seen way worse. I’d give it three stars out of five and consider it an average action/fantasy movie. I enjoyed watching it.

I liked it