Rock Band 4 Inspired

Rock Band 4
Rock Band 4 came out last week. I didn’t preorder it. I haven’t bought it. I probably wouldn’t play it much. I haven’t played Rock Band 3 in more than a year. But I still kinda want it. It’s like that urge you get to get the band back together, only there is no band to get back together and I don’t really have the time to pretend to be a rockstar or relearn to play a fake guitar. And I certainly don’t have the money to buy all the songs I’d want to play.
Ah well, let’s do a flashback to those glory days of yore.
No Cover
Because I always thought, No Cover, would be funny on the marquee.
That logo screams hair metal band.
Crimson Stranger
Album cover with wizard… can’t miss cool!
Ruptured Rabbit
Not really sure where this one was going…
Apparently, 1988 was the year my “I want to be in a band” mindset hit it’s peak. The year my not-yet-wife bought me a guitar. The year I tried (halfheartedly) to learn to play guitar. And i’m sure the year I wrote lyrics to a hundred songs.
Rock On!