Had to go to urgent care today to have my leg looked at. The cat scratched me on Tuesday, and by Friday it was bright red, swollen, and giving me headache and fever. I called it a half day at work on Friday, and I probably should have gone in then, but I’m stubborn and I didn’t. Instead I slept from 3 pm straight through til 8 am. Saturday things seemed better, that’s a relative term, no fever no headaches but I was still getting some bad-ass night sweats and neither the swelling or redness had gone away. You might even say that this morning the redness was more red. Plus, there was a weird dent in my leg; that’s what kinda got me. So I went in and had the doctor look at it. Of course, the dent was mostly gone by then; hours later. She seemed to think I had probably gotten over the worst of it, but put me on some meds anyway. I should see some normalization in the leg in a day or two. It’s all good.
Also, apparently it’s Siblings Day. A real thing, you wouldn’t think so, but Facebook is all about it, and my darling wife loves to celebrate obscure holidays. So as a token to this beloved holiday I give you a picture of my siblings and I way back in August of 1985, back before any of us had a clue what life was about.

Happy Siblings Day, Siblings


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