The Last Guardian

“Jon Shannow, the King of Kings has spoken the words of your death. I am Rhodaeul the Hunter. Do you have anything to say before you die?’ ‘No,’ said Shannow, palming his gun and blasting Rhodaeul from the saddle. The Atlantean hit the ground hard, a hammering pain in his chest; he tried to draw his pistol, but Shannow rode forward and fired a second shot that smashed his skull.” 

The Last Guardian is a 1989 British post-apocalyptic Heroic fantasy novel written by bestselling British author David Gemmell.
The Last Guardian is set in the same world as Wolf in Shadow, but set two years later. The Hellborn are no longer a threat, all but two of the Guardians are dead, and the largest source of Sipstrassi has been destroyed. Additional details of the world are also revealed throughout the story, and it is revealed that the sinking of the city of Atlantis during the first “fall”,  is also the origin source of the story of Noah’s ark.
I enjoyed this one. The narration by Christian Rodska was spot on. David Gemmell’s story was good and the world he’s created is interesting. I’m very glad that these stories have finally made it to audible. I looking forward to finishing up the trilogy and then going back to find the other books in The Stones of Power series. That featured image is the Luis Royo painting for the original cover.