Thrift Store Treasure

I was watching a YouTube video the other day, by a man who found an Electric Tiki Lone Ranger statue at the thrift store. I was thinking, that’s a $200-$300 statue. Why don’t I get that lucky. Because, one, I want that statue; I loved the Lone Ranger as a kid. And, two, none of the thrift stores near me ever get anything that cool.
Well, today I had a little good fortune blow my way. At the indoor flea market I found a mini-bust that I have looked at, but wasn’t planning on buying due to the price. Bowen Designs Zorro mini-bust. Which is selling for $40-$80 on the internet. I picked it up for $15 and I didn’t even have to pay for shipping. Sweet.
Zorro is cool. He has the sword, a cape, wears a mask, rides a horse, and wears a cool hat. I don’t know if he’s the Lone Ranger with a sword, Robin Hood without a bow, or an early California Batman; he may be all three. I remember slashing my ‘Z’ in the air as a kid with aplomb. I wasn’t a super fan, but I liked where this guy was coming from and I’m happy to add him to the office as another early influence.
It’s about 6-inches tall to the top of his hat. I think the release year was 2003. This one is #1253 or maybe #1353 of 2500; it’s not quite clear on the bottom of the bust whether those are twos or threes. The box and packaging is in good shape, if you care about that stuff, but the certificate of authenticity is missing.