Too Much?

This may be rough going. I’ve done two classes each for Public Speaking and Biology lab. I haven’t even started on the Online Biology lecture; that’ll be this weekend. And it feels like a lot to do in this condensed Summer semester. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. Again.

I went and spoke with a college advisor, and that seemed like a waste of time. I am on track for my degree, so I was right about that. He printed me out a page showing me the non-HVAC requirements for the Ferris Bachelors. From this, I did learn that I can take enough transferable math classes at GRCC to keep me here another four semesters. So that’s a thing.

After that meeting I tried to sign up for next Fall’s Algebra class that the math assessment placed me in, only to have the computer reject that request. So now I need to talk to the math department in order to get approval to take the class they told me to take.