You Know What Day It Is

This past weekend Lady Ronn and I watched the first Star Wars film. It was amusing to me to hear how much of it she just simply didn’t remember, of course, she has not seen it nearly as many times as I have. Not to say that I’ve watched it a lot, but I’ve probably seen it close to a dozen times since it came out. This time around we watched the digital copy we picked up from Amazon, the one that was just released as a package of the first six movies. I was struck by two things as I watched it. First, that despite the technology used and the efforts made I felt the changes made and the effects added by Lucas and company just did not blend in as well as I remember when I saw it at the theatrical re-release back in the 90s. Which may tie into the second thing that struck me; while I still enjoyed it, the magic has faded for me. There are still ideas that excite me in the Star Wars mythos, but these are things that I’ve internalized and allowed to grow in my own garden of the imagination, the actual film is just a film and the sense of wonder it evoked in 1977-1978 (whenever I saw it first) has long since passed.
Which is sad is some ways, but the things that have grown up around it in my imagination… well, those are still pretty cool.

May 4th, 2016