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  • Decision Time

    Well, I put on jeans today to work on the garage for the first time this season. I guess winter really is coming and summer is over. Bummer. I’m trying to make a decision about the future of this website. My hosting is up for renewal and if I don’t renew things will go dark […]

  • What's the Plan?

    I did not make any resolutions this year. But the usual things are still the things that I need to change in the new year. Really, what is needed is a lifestyle change. Fortunately, I both recognize that need and want to make some changes. I’ve been in a funk since the end of June […]

  • Looking Back at the Year Gone By

    I would like to say that this site is one of the hidden gems of the internet, but that would be inaccurate. This site is more of a dusty, forgotten corner in the attic of the internet. Not true. It’s not forgotten. It was never a thing that was looked for. It is just what […]

  • Google Alarm – Hack Attack

    Somedays I hate having a website. More precisely, I hate having to worry about hacking attacks on my website. This one seems pretty straight forward, but I hate that it’s even a thing. I recognize that they’re just attacking any and every WordPress site, because, really, there is nothing at that is worth hacking. […]

  • is Here Now

    And by here now I don’t mean that it’s a thing that you’ve been waiting for and has finally arrived, rather, I mean that I’ve put a redirect in place and that going to will now deposit you here at Why? Because running one website is enough for me right now and I […]

  • Being A Bit Anti-Social

    Enough is enough. I’m getting off the social media sites I don’t use. I don’t need these accounts. I’m not socializing with anyone on these sites. It’s time to pull the plug. So what am I getting rid of? Google+ is going away anyway (was it ever really here?), so deleting that account was just […]

  • Stickler for a Deal

    One of the items that showed up in ads above my email on Black Friday was an offer for 50 custom cut stickers for $20 from StickerMule. I’m willing to waste a twenty on an experiment. I mean, hell, I did buy a half-dozen baseball caps, and that was way more than 20-bucks. Besides, I […]

  • Disconnected: A Facebook Story

    If you’re not seeing this, it’s because you only look at my stuff on Facebook. Which is a place most of my posts will no longer be seen. Facebook recently changed their rules on who/what can post to personal pages and as a result my website has been disconnected. Facebook no longer supports Publicize connections […]

  • Scrubbed Everything Down

    I’ve given everything a thorough cleaning. Through a combination of several plugins (Anti-Malware, Sucuri, Wordfence, and Bluehost) I think I’ve cleaned the bug from my site. And that is not an invitation to test my security. I shut off the comments, changed the passwords, removed a couple ‘users’,  and tightened things up. As an added […]

  • Extinction Level Event

    A few things to share. 1.) Still having issues keeping the site malware free. I was  going to take it apart and restore from a back-up, but I made the mistake of thinking that the Pro Backup service that comes with my Pro package at Bluehost was actually a thing… it’s not. So I need […]

  • Sorry About That. I Got Hacked.

    Saying I got hacked sounds worse than it really was. Some code was inserted into my site that was driving the traffic away to some garbage sites. I have cleaned my code, removed some unused files, and generally straightened things up behind the scenes.  I would have caught it sooner, but I haven’t checked the […]

  • Minor Changes

    In the past few weeks I have been making small changes to the site. Maybe you noticed, maybe not. It’s just little things. I changed the tagline. “An incomplete autobiography” is the new line. Which feels less ostentatious and more accurate to me than the old line. I added the shadow box letters to the […]

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