I’m trying to find time to maintain my websites, but with everything else going on they tend to suffer a bit from neglect. Anyway, Lady Ronn was telling me that she wanted to see an old picture on the site the other day, something she was going to show a co-worker, and the image wasn’t there…
Well, I started repairing images after that last website fiasco, but I never finished. I just ran a report on my sites broken links and it tells me that I actually have more broken images than working images right now.
1,100 broken links. Most all of which are images.
So I’ve got to fix that and I need to start updating more regularly and putting up Truckcasts and arohenTV vids and Baenrahl posts and maybe, just maybe, I should do something with RonnMcCarrick.com. I can do all of these things, I just don’t. Between DIY projects and family time and everything else, I guess I just need to schedule my time better.
1,100 broken images… Damn, that’s a lot!
I’ll get to it. Eventually.

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