Google Alarm – Hack Attack

Somedays I hate having a website. More precisely, I hate having to worry about hacking attacks on my website. This one seems pretty straight forward, but I hate that it’s even a thing. I recognize that they’re just attacking any and every WordPress site, because, really, there is nothing at that is worth hacking. But they done did it anyway.

I found an email in my inbox Thursday afternoon from the good folks over at the Google Search Console Team letting me know that they had detected hacked content on my site.

To: Webmaster of,

Google has detected that your site has been hacked by a third party who created malicious content on some of your pages. This critical issue utilizes your site’s reputation to show potential visitors unexpected or harmful content on your site or in search results. It also lowers the quality of results for Google Search users. Therefore, we have applied a manual action to your site that will warn users of hacked content when your site appears in search results. To remove this warning, clean up the hacked content, and file a reconsideration request. After we determine that your site no longer has hacked content, we will remove this manual action.

Following are one or more example URLs where we found pages that have been compromised. Review them to gain a better sense of where this hacked content appears. The list is not exhaustive.

-Google SearchConsole Team

For starters, don’t go looking up any of those link addresses. Secondly, everything is back rightside up. I took care of it. It’s all good here now, thank you. How are you?

So first I scrubbed my WordPress files with the Bluehost file integrity check. That came back clean. Then I checked things out with Wordfence. That came back with a short list of things that I removed. Then I used Sucuri Security on my site. That came back with a long list of things to look at, but it doesn’t do any fixes and says that if there’s a problem these are places to look. Which I spent too much time looking over. And lastly, I ran Anti-Malware on my site.

Everything comes back copacetic at this point, but still. What a pain in the ass. I mean, I’m glad that somebody is alerting me to this stuff. That’s great. But I don’t have the webmaster chops to be dealing with this stuff effectively and I certainly don’t have the budget to hire anyone to do it for me. This is the kind of nonsense that led me to leave LunarPages and end up on Blogger. I hope that’s not where this is headed. Anyway…

Now that I’ve done all of the above off I go to check the Google SearchConsole site. Fortunately, that site now says that no issues are detected for I must have done something right. The malicious content now removed, it’s time to submit a reconsideration request to Google so that they’ll take the flag off my site.

Such is the joy that is running a website. Later.