So I’m tired of trying to make do with the logo that I have. It’s just about right. But it’s so damn sloppy and unprofessional looking. I giving the website a try. I’m going to put it out there and see if I can’t get someone with real skills to take a crack at it. Just so as you remember this is the best I have right now. Hopefully, I’ll have better soon…
Also, I pretty much got stuck running around Grand Rapids today. So no Truckcast for you. My apologies. I can’t guaranty anything tomorrow either, looking like it may be more of the same. So I’ll leave you with something a little bit like this…
And, because I’m feeling particularly generous today, I’ll give you a little bit from my unused audio files. I call this one: Broken Truckcast. It started life as a Truckcast on 5/10, but I lost the last 25 minutes of audio for some reason that I can’t explain. Now it’s broken. Enjoy.
Broken Truckcast mp3 — duration: 05:03

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