is Here Now

And by here now I don’t mean that it’s a thing that you’ve been waiting for and has finally arrived, rather, I mean that I’ve put a redirect in place and that going to will now deposit you here at Why? Because running one website is enough for me right now and I frankly don’t have enough content to fill two websites. Not that there was much over there anyway.

I’ve deleted the link at the top of the page and moved the enormous amount of content from the page here. No, not to, but to here, this post. Yeah. This is all that was there. It was a thing at one time, then it wasn’t, then I wanted it to be a thing, then I didn’t know what it would be, and now it’s been downsized to a single post and a redirected domain. That’s the short of it, minus the long. This is just part of the website refresh/overhaul that’s going on here behind the scenes. Later.

This is supposed to be a page about my writing, the writing process, agents, editors, publishers, and all that sort of stuff. Instead, it’s a page about what it’s supposed to be about, but not actually about anything. Maybe someday soon it’ll be something. Right now is not that day. Today, it’s about nothing.