Sorry About That. I Got Hacked.

a redirect hack… dammit!

Saying I got hacked sounds worse than it really was. Some code was inserted into my site that was driving the traffic away to some garbage sites. I have cleaned my code, removed some unused files, and generally straightened things up behind the scenes.  I would have caught it sooner, but I haven’t checked the site in more than a week. My Bad.
Should be all better now. No thanks to BlueHost.
First thing I did when I noticed everything going to was being redirected was go to my hosting service, BlueHost, and ask for some help. They offered no help. They offered to sell me a 12-month security package for $49 a month. Perhaps had they fixed the problem and then tried to sell me something I would be less annoyed, but that’s not how they played it. They went from “hello” to “give us money” about that fast. Color me less than impressed.
It took me about 5-minutes of googling and another 5-minutes of work to fix things. So, I just saved myself $588 that I was never going to give them. For that kind of money, I’ll give up this whole website thing and find another hobby.
Anyway, I fixed the redirect and the site is back.