The Lady is Supportive

Saint Valentine’s Day has come and gone, mostly without much ado around here. Oh we did exchange gifts and do all the lovey-dovey stuff, we just did it on the following Saturday…. because, life. Candies were exchanged, gifts were given, movies were watched, and other stuff. But the important part here is the gifts.
Not for the first time, Lady Ronn has endeavored to encourage me in my quest for internet fame and fortune. Her first attempt at getting me some sweet, swag, was a t-shirt. She had the guy at the mall make up this t-shirt based on showing him my website on her phone. This is the old lion rampant, from before I had the logo redesigned. It’s not bad, for not having a real file to work from or even a clear image. Logo is on the front, left-chest area and repeated on the back, centered between the shoulders. I was both surprised and pleased that she would do this for me. The work was a bit shoddy, but the mall guy didn’t have much to work with, and the thought behind it was amazing. I still have it and I still wear it, though not as much as I would, because I don’t want it to wear off in the wash. You can never tell with these things, or at least I can’t, because I still haven’t done anything with my vinyl cutter or my heat press.
The next the lovely, Lady Ronn did, was have a hat made. You’ve probably seen it in some of the pictures I’ve posted through the years. I think this one came from that hat store at the mall. Lids? I think it’s called Lids. Again, she was being sneaky, so she didn’t have my graphic file to work with, but the image from the website was clearer and the lion came out better and looks less rushed. It’s still the old logo, but it’s embroidered with the lion on the front and on the back. I like the  thing, but it’s a structured hat, which means the front is stiffened and stands up on the head. Which is better for displaying  the logo, but I prefer an unstructured, low profile style hat. I don’t wear it much, but I did have it displayed on the shelf for a long time. It’s just cool to have and makes me feel like the site is more significant than it really is.
Besides, when I do wear either the hat or the shirt I get yelled at, because I treat all my clothes as if they’re work clothes. And that means I am mere moments from ruining either item at any given moment.
That brings us to Valentine’s day and the latest show of support from my biggest fan and dearest love. NEW HAT. No lion on this one, but the logo is much more prominent. I think it’s great. Give me more swag. SWAG.  She say’s it didn’t quite turn out the way she wanted/expected. I see what she means, but it’s the thought and the effort that matters. The white border on the lettering is very wide. It should probably be centered higher up on the hat. But it is exactly the kind of hat I like and it came from her, so those two things make the hat extra sweet. Everybody wants to wear it.
I finally got it away from Clark and then these two started squabbling over it. This place is becoming a madhouse…

This stuff is so cool and she is just great for doing this. Love her so much.