The Old Stuff

I noticed tonight that all the old posts from and have disappeared. I knew that would happen, but it sure makes for an ugly mess. I would like to get all those posts back up, but I’m not sure if I want to go through the headache of doing that before I decide if this is where I’m going to stay. If I go back to my own hosted page, I can go back to WordPress and it should be a simple matter of loading my archive back-ups. If I stay here, well, it’ll be more complicated. I’ll need to figure out what’s what with the XML files and make some edits so that I can import to blogger. It all just sounds like a big pain in the ass. The other option is to just move forward from here and pretend that all the other stuff was destroyed. Still no decisions on that front.

i could say it was all destroyed in the fire

I did pick up rotors and pads for the Spirit today, so that’ll be a thing this weekend. Now if I could just get my boy to bring back my jack…. bring it back… I know you’re seeing this. Oh yeah, I think there’s a football game this weekend.