Idle Hands

The last two days at work have been excruciatingly boring. I have a client that requires me to be an observer for their HVAC preventive maintenances. This means that I show up and I watch someone else work, make a few notes, take a few pictures, and try to explain why I’m there. That last one is the worst, because I have no idea why I’m there. I assume there is a story behind this procedure.

The story, as I tell it to myself, is that this client had a previous vendor doing their HVAC preventative maintenance work. That vendor didn’t actually do anything, probably did nothing while claiming to have done the work for years. And then things started to break. A completely different vendor came in to make repairs and said to this client. “You really need to maintain this equipment. And then the client realized how badly it was being screwed. Now they have an independent second vendor witness the work being done. Sure, it’s expensive but it’s worth the piece of mind. That’s what I think happened, but it’s just a story I tell myself.

What this means is that I spend hours standing around trying to look official while doing nothing. Which sounds like a great gig, but which is actually the absolutely the most boring way to spend a day ever. It reminds me of way back when I was a security guard. That was a terribly boring job as well. But at least as a security guard I was required to do my rounds. There is no such relief doing this. Just watching.

Wait. It’s actually worse than that. These pieces of equipment are located above the drop ceiling, so what I’m watching is a pair of legs on a ladder. Maybe somebody’s ass. It ain’t great. And I had to do this two days in a row this week. Tomorrow I’m going to take the van in for service… I don’t imagine that will be a quick appointment. Probably, it will result in another wasted, nonproductive day.