New Van

September 6, 2016, that is the date I was told that I would be getting a new van for work. Over the last three months I have responded negatively to the half-dozen emails, from various folks in the company, asking if I had taken delivery of my new van. Today, look what I found sitting in my driveway when I came home. A new van. Sweet.

Sure, they’re predicting lots of snow this weekend, and next week the temperature is supposed to drop because of some cold front or whatever. So possibly the worst weekend so far to get a new truck put together, but look at this. The ladder rack is on it, new puck locks are ready, and the lettering has been done. Christmas has come early.

So many empty shelves just waiting to have stuff put on them. Of course, tonight I take the boy to his fathers, tomorrow I have to study for finals, and Sunday it’s pick the boy up and go to his orchestra concert… I may not get started on this right away.

So there it is, my new ride. The new Truckcast studio. My mobile office. Only 24 miles on the odometer. Three very exciting bits that I’ve noticed already. There is still an aux port on the stereo for listening to my audio books; didn’t think that was going to be there as it’s not in the two other vans I’ve seen come through in the past year or so. There is an in-dash inverter with 120-volt outlet for charging drill batteries, topping off the phone, and powering laptops. And lastly, there are three dome lights in the back area, which will be sweet for lighting up the shelves on those late night callouts.
As an added bonus, you get to see my sweet new ride there in front of the van. Yep, that’s my to-school-and-back ride. A genuine 1991 Dodge Spirit git-about in bad-ass burgundy. The school schedules for the wife and I were not syncing up for coming semester, so transportation needed to be acquired. And so it has. Bad Ass.