Traverse City

I took a little work-related, overnight road trip to Traverse City. It took me three hours to get there, three hours to get home, and I’m still going to have to go back because I didn’t get everything done. So, that’s a thing.
It was 48 degrees there on Thursday. Friday had a high of 20, which was just after midnight… it got cold fast. I went there to do a LED retrofit on some displays for one of my clients, but between driving, meetings, and lunch, it was 1:00 pm before I even walked into the store on Thursday. Then I had to figure out what they’d sent me to do and how to do it. I managed to get one display done and that took me 4-hours.Then I got a hotel room, grabbed a haircut, ate some Mexican food, read some of my electrical textbook, and proceeded to get a terrible nights sleep before going back to the mall to start again.
Friday, I started late (by JLL standards), the store doesn’t open until 10 am. But I did get my time down to 2-hrs for each display. This really should be a two person thing to make it time efficient; there is a lot of unpacking, moving things about, and clean-up that goes into this project. I may have skipped lunch, but I managed to get three of these things done in six-hours. So, I’ve done 4 of the 7 fixtures. Just three more fixtures and 48 pods to go. But it’s a long MLKjr weekend, so I’m headed home.
I ended up giving the company 2-hours of travel time on the house, but I’m just glad to be home and not spending another night in that hotel. I’ll come back on Tuesday. Early start should get me there by open and I can work late on a Tuesday and not worry about pushing into overtime.
So, that was a thing. Later.