Two Days

The wife is going to the dentist for some work. I’ve got an essay to revise for EN 102. Somebody needs to install the new faucet in the kitchen. Studying needs to occur for my Refrigeration quiz. Taxes need to be done. I’ve emptied my bucket of work orders for the month. These are all the reasons I’m going to take a couple days of PTO. If you need to reach me today or tomorrow, I’ll be at home.

coffee helps

I’ll put up my latest essay once I get it finished. It’s currently titled The Secret Life of Work and deals with the perceptions I had of work as a child compared to the reality of work as I have experienced it as an adult. I don’t know how good it is, but I enjoyed writing it. The genesis of the idea comes from several conversations I’ve had with friends and coworkers over the years.

Tonight, I’ll be in my welding class trying to get two welds done. It’s harder than it looks.

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