2015 Begins

Welcome to 2015.
I hope your New Year Celebration was amazing.
First things first. Christmas has brought with it a new desk guardian and writing mascot, I’m calling him Fergusson. Yes, I know, Fergusson (from “Do Shadows Drink Beer” fame), was a giant bipedal rat. What can I say, it was the name that sprung to mind when I thought to name him. He doesn’t seem to mind.
I stuck the magic eight ball in there so you get the scale of this thing. Is very large. He’s probably bigger than a D&D pseudodragon, he’s bigger than my cats, and he’s twice the size of the dragon candle that my sister bought me so many years ago that inspired his arrival on my desk.
You can get your own at amazon.com, if you’re so inclined. I found this one at Sleeping Tiger Imports.
And we’re moving on… Time for all my new treasures later… Let’s talk about writing.

Today is the first page of a 365 page book.
Write a good one.

After having such a wildly successful National Novel Writing Month, writing 50,000 words in 22-days in November, I’m ready for the next challenge. I have already resolved to finish my novel, Starship Adventure, this year. And have in fact promised to have it done this month. Those are both still valid and doable goals. But it’s just not enough. I need to write everyday. I need to establish a lifelong habit of cranking out the words. And while simply sitting down and doing the writing will establish that, I have stumbled on something else that might do the trick, too.
The 365K in 365 Days Challenge
A thousand words a day. Every day. Who’s up for it? I’m up for it, that’s who.

The site says that I have to be crazy to attempt this. And I have to agree with them, I might be a little crazy. I did just name a large resin dragon. But it’s so doable, I just have to try. I mean, 365K words, that’s four novels. Assuming a 90,000 word novel is your target, which mine is.

If I’m successful, I’ll complete Starship Adventure in January, move on to Sitting Duct, then Crazy Deadly Cool, knock out An Unnecessary Hero, and still get a good start on The Runeslann Abduction, Malach,  or The Sunset Blades. This could be very good to me.

I’m going for it. Let’s do this thing. Bring on 2015!