Book Cover Idea

I had been leaning towards revisiting one of my unfinished works for this years National Novel Writing Month, I mentioned trying my super hero story again to my friend, Doug. After giving it more thought and weighing that plan out against doing something original, I think I’d be better off starting something new. Last year I did something new and that worked out better than it has in years. It’s not really finished, but I have a mostly complete story that I can work with. I’m just not going to work with it in November.
So that means, I need a new story idea. I looked through my old story stuff, shuffled my idea notes, and perused my role playing stuff; all looking for a spark of inspiration. Nothing jumped out immediately, but I’ve been stirring the pot for a couple days.
I’ve been running through ideas and I think I’ve settled on something supernatural, modern, and urban. Sort of a bridge between the worlds I created in A Difficult Dinner (vampires) and Malach: Chronicles of the Nephilim (angels) (I didn’t get far in that one, but I knew where I wanted to go). I figure I can add ghosts and fairies and other supernatural things into the mix and come up with something that will just maybe not look like a Harry Dresden rip-off. We’ll see.
And so, doing things the way that I do means often starting with a visual. I’ve created a cover for the book that I want to write, without knowing much at all about what that book will be about or who these characters are… that’ll all come soon enough. I can’t find an attribution for the creepy picture, but the rest is all my work.