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unknown actress
unknown actress

Caitlyn Marie Reese
19 years-old, Aquarius, 5-ft. 5-in. tall, 125-lbs., Blonde hair, Green eyes
The only child of divorced parents. Caitlyn’s father left her and her mother when she was five for a topless dancer. And she saw him maybe a dozen times in the intervening 13-years before she left home. Each time he had a different bimbo on his arm, and as the years passed the age difference between her and these women decreased. Birthday’s and Christmas’ were celebrated with greeting cards and twenty-dollar bills. She both loves and hates this man who is her father as only an abandoned little girl can. While her mother has nothing good to say about him, she more than obviously is in competition with these girl-women and as a result of this Caitlyn has developed a very strong but unrecognized desire to please her father.
Caitlyn’s mother remarried, three times. The first two marriages, Carl and Jarred, lasted a grand total of six years. She is currently married to a long-haul trucker, Adrian, and the two of them have hit the road together. Caitlyn remembers fondly making Christmas cookies with her mother every year and staying up late watching horror flicks on the TV at Halloween, but her mother was not one to put her daughters needs above her own. Mostly Caitlyn resents her step fathers, not because they were bad men, though Jarred truly was, but because they came between the pairing that they had and always seemed to get first billing before her.
The real troubles started in middle school; she got her boobs early and attracted the attention of the boys, the jealousy of the girls, and the advances of her stepfather Jarred. Her grades slipped and her attitude got bad. She was unhappy at home and unhappy at school, but she liked the attention of the boys so she went. Each year of middle school the teachers told her that she had failed academically, but that they were going to pass her for administrative reasons to keep her with kids her own age. And so, without really doing any work that wasn’t chorus or art for two solid years she was passed on to the high school.
High school saw Jarred out the door without her mother ever acknowledging to Caitlyn that he’d been feeling up her daughter for two years. It was unspoken, Caitlyn didn’t want to talk about it and her mother didn’t want to think that she was competing with her daughter for her man’s attention. Caitlyn found it was easier to skate through high school because the teachers cared less (and some were open to barter), the boys were more interesting, and the kids broke up into groups that were more accepting of each other. Caitlyn was a burnout; she drank, she got high, she skipped class, and she screwed. And every year they found a reason to push her through with just enough credits to pass. Three years later Caitlyn was out, her mother was involved with a trucker and wanted to go on the road, and the party’s looked better on the beach.
Caitlyn had been to Florida for spring break and made some friends. So she headed south with her then boyfriend, Brett. She dumped Brett after two weeks and his money ran out. Hooked up with a rough-boy, Dwayne, who got her a job at the coconut shack serving drinks. She’s out of Ohio and living life like it’s one big party.