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actress Isla Fisher
actress Isla Fisher

Amber Lynn Hale
31 years-old, Gemini, 5-ft. tall, 120-lbs., Red hair, Brown eyes
Amber was born and raised in Kissimmee, Florida. She is the first born of Bonnie and Donnie Michaels. Her parents stayed together, but they probably shouldn’t have. It was a bad relationship full of physical and alcohol abuse, infidelity, and all the drama that comes when you mix that together with four daughters. In each of her first two years of high school she was hospitalized for anorexia/bulimia and got her first BPD diagnosis . After high school, Amber, moved north with a friend went to Seminole Community College in Orlando and worked at a number of bars and restaurants between classes. She went in with no clear idea of why she was there other than to get out of the house and came out with an associate of arts degree in public administration thanks to the constant support of her roommate.
After college she took her degree and worked various jobs before ending up working in Jacksonville where she met Josh Hale. It was a whirlwind, impulsive romance and they were married at the courthouse  6-months after their first date. A year later they were filing for divorce and six months of bitter fighting later they were done. The marriage was a victim of Amber’s wild mood swings and reluctance to seek treatment.
Amber suffers from borderline personality disorder. A distressing medical condition, both for her and for those around her. She has difficulty controlling her emotions and is often in a state of upheaval. Her self-image is distorted, making her feel worthless and fundamentally flawed. Her anger impulsivity, and frequent mood swings often push others away, even though she yearns for loving relationships. This affects how she feels about herself, how she relates to others, and how she behaves. This is a condition that first manifested late in high school and has waxed and waned through the years and medications (or lack thereof).
Amber often has an insecure sense of who she is. That is, her self-image or sense of self often rapidly changes. She may view herself as evil or bad, and sometimes may feel as if she doesn’t exist at all. This unstable self-image often leads to frequent changes in jobs, friendships, goals, values, and gender identity.
Amber’s relationships are usually in turmoil. She often experiences a love-hate relationship with others. She may idealize someone one moment and then abruptly and dramatically shift to fury and hate over a perceived slight or even minor misunderstanding. She has difficulty accepting gray areas — things are either black or white. And that impression of good or evil may switch from day to day.
To one degree or another she displays each of the following signs and symptoms of her condition:

  • Impulsive and risky behavior, such as risky driving, and unsafe sex
  • Strong emotions that wax and wane frequently
  • Intense but short episodes of anxiety or depression
  • Inappropriate anger, sometimes escalating into physical confrontations
  • Difficulty controlling emotions or impulses
  • Suicidal behavior
  • Fear of being alone

Amber has found a good job working for the state of Florida, doing administrative work supporting the Department of State. She’s not terribly happy there, feeling like she’s been passed over for advancement on more than one occasion in the last 5-years, but she is also not confident enough to leave and move on. Her relationship with Josh is on-again, off-again, depending primarily on whether she’s involved with anyone and how things are going for him. The better things are going for Josh, the more likely Amber is to want to be involved, in a good or bad way really depends on the day.