It's All About Story

National Novel Writing Month is over and I do not have a novel to show for it. I have some notes, some visual prompts, and nine scenes spread across two time periods. In all it works out to a bit more than 13,000 words of finely crafted, well thought out prose. Ha. Still, a novel it is not. Not by a long shot.
I started off badly, dinking and ducking my word count for the first week. Then I hit it hard during my time off and made good progress and high daily word counts, but that didn’t last. And I may have burned a little too bright, because I burned out quickly after going back to work. Between everything going on at home, the approaching holiday, and going back to work, I floundered and then flopped on my face. No victory dance for me this year.
But I have a good story here and one that I’m going to continue working on, only at a more reasonable pace for someone working 40+ hours a week at a regular job and trying to maintain a marriage and family life.
To everyone that pushed through and hit their 50,000 words, I congratulate you. It’s a good feeling and you should enjoy it. To those who started with the best of intentions and failed to hit the mark, I say, don’t give up the dream, the world needs your story. To those of you who didn’t even try… what the hell, man!