NaNoWriMo 2015

National Novel Writing Month is creeping up on us. It’ll be here before we know it. Have you been giving it any thought? Do you think you’ll participate this year? I’m planning on participating and I’m planning on succeeding again this year. What I don’t have a plan for is what I’m going to write.
So that has been my focus for the last few days, finding a story. I think I have something that I can work with. I don’t know my characters yet and the plot and story are mere skeletons of ideas, but I have a month to figure all that out. Right now, we need to worry about the cover art for my unfinished, unstarted, unscripted novel. Right!
And if you could flip it over and read the back cover blurb it might read something like this:

Twenty-three years ago former reality star and part-time ghost hunter, Ares Arthur, lost a friend. No body. No trail. Just gone. The last thing he wants to do is go to his high school reunion and rehash that mystery. But Cindy Bishop is sure to be there and his partner, Grant Garrett, refuses to go alone. Twenty-three years ago they were a trio of junior high adventurers and Cindy couldn’t chose between them. Things were simpler then, before Paul disappeared.

Since that incident, Grant and Cindy have been poison for each other and Ares world view has expanded in ways he would never have imagined. He’s seen things hiding in the shadows: incorporeal spirits, manifest demons, unbound faeries, and others things that can only be called monsters. Grant Garrett has seen things as well, has seen angels both light and dark.

When Cindy presents them with a weathered pocket knife she found in her cellar, a knife unmistakably Paul’s, they begin to realize that things are not quite what they seem in the town of Morgan. And after a deadly confrontation at Drayton Lake, Ares and Grant are left with some startling questions about their past.

Their investigations lead them through their old stomping grounds, back to the mysteries of their adolescence, and push them ever further into a dark world of secrets and dangers in their search for answers to Paul’s disappearance. The two men are drawn into a web of deception, lust, and a magic so compulsive that they may not escape to find the answers they seek.

Can Ares Arthur uncover the secret behind the pocket knife before it’s too late, or will his demise become yet another Morgan legend?

That’s what I’ve got so far. Like I said, I’ve got a month to figure it out. Wish me luck.