NaNoWriMo, Green Light, Go!

CoverDesignToday, November 1st, the official start of National Novel Writing Month. The goal, to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. That’s 1,667 words a day.
Today I wrote 1,709, and I did it in under two and a half hours. I had a slow start,deleting each of my first four paragraphs to try again. I don’t believe the beginning I have will be the beginning I will end up with, but it’s a start. And I knew I needed to get the damn thing started. I can always rewrite a stronger beginning. Most important for me was to get the ball rolling and that I did. The first two scenes are written. Let the story roll on ahead of me.
I started getting nervous about this novel thing Friday night and it built in intensity right up until I fired up the laptop and started writing. I was very afraid that I wasn’t going to be able to do it. But I did. It’s rough. It shows that I haven’t written much of late. The flow isn’t there. But I sat down (stood-up actually) and wrote for close to three hours and it felt good.
In other news, the Detroit Lions lost to the Rams in what I figured was the only other game on their schedule that they really had a chance to win.
Last night Tasha and I went to see Zombieland. It was funny and I enjoyed it, but why do zombies have to have puke constantly streaming out of their pieholes? I tell you, it’s just gross. And we both broke our rule about getting the big beverage, so the end of the movie was an agony of bladder control followed by a mad dash to the restrooms. Good wholesome family fun. Hope you all had a very happy Halloween.

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  1. Great cover! Glad to hear you got the words out. I’ve been checking your nanowrimo page to see if you’d updated your word count. What time did you start/finish writing?

  2. I updated the NaNo page about 10pm. The actual writing started a little after 6:30 and finished about 9:30. Took a break or two and then there were all the false starts, so about 2.5 hours of actual writing.