Planning for Success

In anticipation of National Novel Writing Month (nanowrimo), November, my buddy Doug and I had our first support meeting last night. The meeting consisted of a 105 minute Skype call to discuss our respective projects. It covered the basics of what we’re thinking of writing, where were at in the planning process, problems we’re having with the planning, and trying to help each other zero in on the novel we’re trying to write.
We were pretty successful in dividing the call equally between us. We started with his novel. Spent about 45 minutes working it over in the proverbial blood ring. I hope he came away with some new ideas or at least some things narrowed down story-wise. Then we took the next 45 minutes talking about my idea; adventure story masquerading as science fiction. I came away with a few new golden nuggets that I know I’m going to use. We wrapped up by talking about what we were going to accomplish over the weekend and deciding on Monday for our next call.
It was a good call. I’m looking forward to the next one.
Anybody else out there doing NaNoWriMo this year that might want to group up for writing support? Leave me a comment and we can work something out.