Queens Wood Stats

I don’t have any story for you, mainly, because I’m not as good at time management and discipline as I think I am. But just so you know that I’m still working my tail off on getting it done, here’s what things are looking like.
There are 506 words in the Preface
The Prelude is two scenes of 1,925 and 3,252 words respectively, for a total count of 5,177 words.
Part One, Chapter One is two scenes (maybe three), but we’ll only count the first because the second isn’t done; so 1,482 words.
So to this point, I’m sitting at something north of 7,200 words. Which given the amount of time I’ve been working on this seems like a paltry sum. Perhaps I should get my but in the chair and get those numbers up.
It’s kind of disappointing when I put it down like that.