The grades for Winter semester have all been posted, so let’s take a look at how I did in my second semester back in college.

Class Grades – 2017 Winter 
Official Grades
Class Description Units Grading Grade Grade Points
EN 102
English Composition-2
HVA 110
Basic Refrigeration
HVA 111
Refrigeration Applications
MN 116
Basic Welding

First, let me say that going from 2-nights a week + an online class, to a 4-night a week schedule was a big change and one that may have taken some of the shine off this whole college thing. My grades are not bad, but I have to admit being disappointed and I know why they took the hit. Reading. Or rather the lack of reading. I trusted in my ability to pick up everything I needed to know in class and mostly stopped doing the weekly reading before we’d even gotten to the halfway point in the semester. I think that shows in both my test scores and my final grades. Now let’s look at each class individually.

EN 102 – English Composition 2
I did not get much out of this class. I did the assignments, well, except for the note cards for the research paper. I didn’t do that. But otherwise I did it all. Mostly my grades seemed lower than I felt they should be, but there was no explanation as to why. I like writing. I like learning about writing. I didn’t get any of that in this class. I think I could have gotten more out of it had I taken this class online with a InstructorBotAI teaching the class. I’m not happy that I came away with an A- from this class. And I am inclined to call “bullshit” on the whole thing, except that had I done the stupid note cards those 40 pts would have given me an A.

HVA 110 Basic Refrigeration
I liked this class, but I found that I knew most of what was being taught already and that caused me to be a little lax. I missed one class, and sure as shit, that one covered a bunch of stuff I didn’t know and had a lab I couldn’t make up. Missing that class and not doing the required reading messed up my final exam score. All of it was my fault. Lesson learned. Also, weirdly, I didn’t realize until I was in this class that it was a shorty – seven weeks. Which is how I ended up with four classes.

HVA 111 Refrigeration Applications
The second half of the semester follow-up to HVA 110. This is the class that I did the cooler project for; this was a fun class. I missed one class and there was a lab, a take home test, and a discussion on parts of refrigeration I am unfamiliar with… don’t it just figure. I couldn’t make any of that up and between those lost points and a week final exam score (83%) I got stuck with an A-. I did however get a 96% on my final project/lab report. At a bare minimum, you gotta do the reading in the field you’re getting your degree in.

MN 116 Basic Welding
I enjoyed this class, but like most things of this sort, welding is harder than it looks. I was frustrated by the fact that I didn’t pick it up faster and my expectations were probably too high for my skill level. I learned some things. I bought some tools and equipment. I look forward to getting a welding set up and working on some projects. In class, I managed to get 25 out of 26 welds completed, my scores on the three tests were 100%, 80%, & 70% (not reading impact readily visible here), and ended up with a 91.4 in the class. I did the best I could with the welding, but I should have done better or those tests and I recognize that it’s because I didn’t do the reading or put in any study time for this class.

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