Struggling With My Pantsing

I did not do enough planning last month. The story is very vague in my head. This is not a good place to be. The word count is low. Very low. It’s less than the 1,667 words I should be writing each day. But I haven’t written yet today and this week has been full up of distractions (kids, projects, work, the usual), I hoping for a decent count tonight and to make up lost ground with my upcoming PTO.
I’m taking Monday and Tuesday off, which means that when I walk out on Friday I won’t have to think about work until Thursday morning. Thank you Veterans Day.
Here’s what I’ve wasted my time doing. Yep. You’ve already seen my fake cover. Here are the inspirational wallpapers that slideshow on my screens as I sit here.

Ares Arthur
Here we have muscian Doug Paisley standing in for our hero Ares Arthur

Grant Garrett
This is actor/model/trainer Pierluigi Farne taking on the roll of Grant Garrett

The whole cast of my imagination (courtesy of the internet) surrounding a creepy root cellar of some sort.

This seems to be developing into some sort of Holmes-Watson / Sheldon-Leonard meet Dresden’s Chicago sort of thing. Which may be good or may be completely removed in rewrite. Only time will tell. I have decided to use this story as a bridge to connect the worlds of my other fiction, you know, because I don’t have enough to do with this story.