Time To Get Back At It

The time has come to see what has been written, to determine what can be used and what must be cut. I have printed out the 2014 NaNoWriMo project and my intention is to read it, give it an edit, and then continue it to a proper conclusion.
I’ve been letting my creative juices flow in very unproductive ways of late. Between doing that and all the projects I’ve got going around the house, pushing writing to the back burner, or more truthfully, taking it off the stove, has been very easy. I feel like it’s time to use all my creative energies in a more productive way. It’s time to get back to the writing.
Anyway, here’s what a months worth of writing looks like. 52,000 words spread over 189 pages.
Time to see what’s actually on those pages and if there is a story hidden within them.