The Good is Good, the Bad is Actually Still Pretty Good

Yesterday was a bad day.

Today is a good day.

Yesterday was full of doubts and frustrations about the future and the job. Nothing of note, just the usual new job doubts… was this the right decision, what am I doing, etc… I blame it on a lack of productivity.

Today was a much better day. I made it to three banks in three different cities. I was in Muskegon this morning walking around the lot in the warm sunshine, picking up litter, and thinking to myself, I can’t believe they’re paying me 50-grand a year to do this. I used to get paid five bucks an hour for the same shit doing apartment maintenance when I was a kid. Then I went to lunch and went down to Holland where I was going to start the sprinkler system. But the new signs had done some damage to the lines and there was some sort of train-wreck on the corner by the fire hydrant and I thought to myself, If I start this it’s going to be a muddy mess. Expecting this, I decided to just have the irrigation vendor come out and handle it. Easy as pie. Then I went and installed the new flat-screen TV that the branch just got for the break room. More driving and singing along with Jimmy Buffett and I was in Grandville where I did actually start the sprinklers. No problems. More sunshine.

When I got home I called my lady, popped a top and made some of my spicy spaghetti, started some laundry, and watched them build a sweet-ass Cuda on Rides. Now I want a hotrod. I know, I want to much. Fold that laundry, pop another top, and here I am working on the blog. I moved things over to Blogger in Draft, which is just a bunch of beta toys for Blogger. You’ll notice the changes in the sidebar, just some new widgets. I also cleaned up the blogroll and removed anybody that hasn’t posted in a year. And now I’m writing to you.

Not sure what the plan is this weekend. Tasha’s not going to come out here but I’m not sure I want to go out her way either. I’ve got stuff that I need to do (hair cut, grocery shop, that sort of exciting stuff). Kevin invited me over for our usual gaming stuff. Really what it comes right down to is that this is probably the last quiet weekend for me for a bit. My oldest is graduating high school on the 7th, his 18th birthday is on the 12th, and I’m sure there’s going to be a graduation party in there some time. Next thing you know it’ll be Independence Day. Tasha will be moving in after that. Then my folks will be here for my 40th birthday. And it’ll all wind down with Labor day and summer will be over….. Whoa! Whoa, there buddy! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Summer just started and I’ve already brought it to a close. No more of that. Let’s just say that I see my weekends as being booked up pretty solid this summer.

I’m going to go finish reading Up In Honey’s Room. I’ll talk to you later.