Monday Monday, So Good To Me

Oh what a weekend. Tasha and I put about a hundred miles on the Triumph just cruising around town to no place in particular. I got too much sun on my arms and a new helmet for my head (I forgot mine at home so I needed to get one). Sunday I took my boys to dinner and then brought Tyler back to Grand Rapids to spend some time together.

Today, I woke up early, got to work early, and put in a full day. Then we went and got some dinner and went grocery shopping… woo hoo! The the magazine guy showed up at the door and for whatever reason I ordered some magazines. Now I’m writing you a blog. This is the life. It’s like I’m a rock star.

I got a call from my step-sisters husband about that union job yesterday. He’s saying it’s about twice what I’m making now. Which seems too good to be true, but I’ll call his guy and get the skinny on it tomorrow. It can’t hurt and I’d be okay with doubling my income. Of course it probably means moving, but whatever… we’ll see what happens.

That’s it for now. Perhaps something more exciting will happen tomorrow. Later.