Is It Wednesday All Ready? Damn!

So last week I spent with my oldest boy. He’s 18 now and done with high school. We haven’t really had any one-on-one time in the last 10-years or so. As such I think we’ve kinda forgotten how to communicate with one another. I think we were both expecting more from our visit than what we got out of it. There was no real deep communications, it was really just more of a hanging out. But I’m glad we did it and I hope he is as well. My hope is that as he matures and goes out into the world that we’ll see more of each other and maybe even learn to talk to each other again in a more intimate way. That may never happen; or maybe it will. Only time will tell.

I was supposed to have my second boy this week, but apparently report cards came on Saturday and there’s an issue with summer school and all that goes along with that. So he’ll probably take his visit a little later in the summer. There’s much less of a communication problem with him, as he’s got his mothers knack for chat and is far less reserved with his thoughts and feelings. I’m looking forward to getting him for a week sometime this summer.

Work wise we got an email on Friday letting us know that we’re no longer going to be exclusively working for Bank of America. We’ll be merging into the National Mobile Engineering Services, which means that I’ll be getting more clients and more responsibilities… always a good thing. But as always with this sort of thing there is stress and uncertainty. But from what I’ve heard, I think it’s a good thing.

I called the guy from Johnson Controls, twice actually, but he hasn’t returned my calls. Maybe he found a guy. Really, I don’t care. I’m happy where I’m at and I’m leary about layoffs and union dues anyway. Besides, like Denis said, I need to get some stability for a year or so before I start shaking things up again. I’ve had two years of craziness and a little calm would be good. I agree with him.

I’ve been wracking my brain for story ideas but I keep going back to stuff I’ve all ready started. Thane, in particular, keeps calling me back. Probably because that is the source of my greatest sucess to this point. But I don’t want to revisit anything I’ve all ready started. I want to start something new. Which means lots of thinking time. And I need to start doing my free writing again. Get the old mind and fingers back into shape. I’ve been visiting the writing sites and author blogs again looking for inspiration and I think it’s working. I want to write.

Tasha’s been asked to work through the holiday break, so looks like she’ll have a job until closer to the middle of the month. The ball is rolling and picking up momentum, she’ll be coming out here to be with me and we’ll go from there. We’d both like to leave the state, but I want to get all this bad debt out of the way before I even try that. But then if she get’s a good job offer that could all change.

Everything is so up in the air. It’s as if I’m a juggler. Is this what life is like when you try to take control of it? It’s just such a new experience for me. And the craziest part is that I feel I’m doing it sucessfully. How crazy is that. Anyhoo, I’m out of here. Later.