Old Routines Or Not

No calls so far… guess everything Gary was saying about getting after hours and weekend calls every week were a little overstated. Or maybe I’m just lucky.

Tasha and I talked about being more of an active couple, but so far we’re not doing so well on our couples events. First, I neglected to invite her to Tyler’s comencement ceremony. Then I got stuck with the oncall this weekend when we were supposed to go to a friends 40th anniversy party. She’s said that Tyler’s graduation party isn’t something she’s thinking she’ll be going to (I can understand that… I don’t think she and Heidi ever actually spent any time together during the eight years we were married, and now, well, it’s just more wierd.) We’ve got her high school reuion coming up and I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to make that. So really, it’s just me not being able to make these things. Hmmm. I think the biggest difference is this; In the past, I didn’t really want to be bothered to do any of these couple things and so would use whatever excuse I could find at hand to avoid them. Now, I actually want to do these things, looking forward to them even, but life has set out to confound me. So to Tasha I say, I’m sorry. I want to do these things with you. I really do. Honest.

Of course all this just leads to a questioning of whether this is us falling into old routines and foretells bad things for the future. I don’t think that’s the case, but it something to consider and work against. A relationship is a constant project, one that is never completed.

Today, I cleaned the house a little, washed my laundry (or would that be laundered my clothing?), revised my resume for Carlo and company, and went to the grocery. Of course I forgot to cash in my bottle returns yet again, I think I’m up to about ten bucks in return slips now. I fiddled on the computer. And I got Chinese food, mind you it was TERRIBLE, I mean it was so bad I fully expect to get sick later tonight. But not so bad that I didn’t eat it. After all, I did pay for it… no sense in throwing away ten bucks. I checked craigslist for mountain bikes, as suggested by Doug. But alas, there was nothing I was interested in. All in all it was the most boring uneventful day I could imagine. I’m so bored.

The internet is a wonderful tool. I was exploring my site traffic, which isn’t huge, but I was curious who has been reading me and I see that I’m getting visitors from all over the place. Oh sure, Michigan is the biggest source of my traffic, but I’m also getting visitors from 19 country’s and from all around the USA. In the last month I’ve gotten multiple visits from California, Washington, Ohio, Texas, Florida, New Jersey, and a few visits from 18 other states. Like I said, I don’t get a lot of traffic and I honestly don’t know anybody in most of these places. Florida could be my mom or grandparents, either way they’re visting secretly because nobody has mentioned my blog to me. The rest of the states, sadly, I know no one in those other states. I really don’t know a lot of other people. Which brings me to another thing…

I was using the internet to find people I haven’t talked to since high school or shortly there after; friends, ex-girlfriends, former co-workers (did I mention I was bored?). I’m pretty sure I’ve found my old buddies Doug Lechner, Mike Womack, and Eric Schultz, none of whom I’ve talked to in 20-years. A little bit of Intelius combined with Google PhoneBook and maybe a few web searches and it’s pretty easy to find people.You think I’ll call them? Probably not. I’d like to, but it just seems weird to call out of the blue and be like, hey, how you doin’. **sigh**

I miss all my friends. I’m just to lazy to do anything about it. Later.