Winter's Not Done

This morning, Punxsutawney Phil climbed out of his hole and saw his shadow. Six more weeks of winter. Damn it. That puts springs arrival right around March 16th–a couple weeks before Easter, a week after daylight savings time, and just after my mom’s birthday.
Do you realize we’ve been doing this since 1887. Seriously. That’s 131-years. What is the lifespan of a groundhog? How many poor creatures have been pulled into this crazy idea? And why does that guy still wear a top hat?
Speaking of Groundhog Day, I found an interesting analysis of the movie and how long Bill Murray was stuck in that loop…  12,395 days, or just under 34 years. Which is very close to Director Harold Ramis’ guess after filming the movie that it was a 30-40 year span. How did they come up with that number, you can find out here.

This morning I had a frustrating trip to the dealership for scheduled maintenance on the Impala. It should have been a simple inspection, tire rotation, and oil change. I mean, when I scheduled to have the 7,500 mile service performed on my Impala they seemed to know what I needed, and scheduled the appropriate services: Lube Oil Filter Service, Tire Rotation, and Multi Point Vehicle Inspection. But that’s not what happened when I got there.
The service was on time and performed quickly; I was in and out in 20-minutes. The service technicians were friendly and efficient. And yet the experience was frustrating.
What is the point of me bringing my Chevrolet to the Chevrolet Dealer if that service department doesn’t know what the maintenance schedule is for their own vehicles?
First, I scheduled for a tire rotation, but the technician deemed it unnecessary. When I pointed out that the service schedule called for tire rotation every 7,500 miles, I was told that the dealership does not recommend the tire rotation until the second oil change (15,000 miles). So I am left to believe that the dealership service department tire rotation schedule occurs half as often as the manufacturer suggests. Because that’s what I was hearing.
I’ve never had much luck forcing people to do things that they don’t want to do, don’t think they have time for, or aren’t interested in doing. So I let it go. We’ll do the tires next time. However, I scheduled for the tire rotation. The maintenance schedule calls for tire rotation. I shouldn’t have to wrestle a tire rotation out of the service department. Just follow the maintenance schedule and do the tire rotation.
What about the oil change?
I was told that the oil being put into my vehicle is good for 5,000 miles. But that by adding their PREMIUM OIL CONDITIONER, I could extend that oil life to 7,000 miles. For a very reasonable, additional $20 dollar cost. So, what I gather from this, is that the oil they’re using is not up to par for Chevrolet’s 7,500 mile service schedule and that even when I spend an additional $20, the product still doesn’t meet the Chevrolet specifications. This is unacceptable. This has never been an issue with any of the other cars I bought from them. Probably, this is just a bunch of sales crap that I can safely ignore. But it still pisses me off.
And the multi point vehicle inspection? Well, it did cover multiple points; lights, tire pressure, filter, fluids, and wipers. Or at least all that stuff is checked off on the paperwork. I was sitting in the car the whole time… nobody looked at the wipers. They did add air to the tires, and I assume they checked the fluids under the hood, but I was not impressed with their thoroughness.
So I filled out their service survey and I added a little note that says all that I’ve said above, and wrapped it up with the following.

Look, I buy my cars from you and I service my cars with you. I expect you, as the dealership, to both know the maintenance schedule and keep me informed on what needs to be done. If I have to worry about what you’re not doing, or what you’re doing unnecessarily, I’ll find someplace else to buy my cars from.

This 2017 Impala is the fourth Chevrolet I’ve bought from Berger. This is the first time I’ve had an issue of this nature. I just want my car maintained to the standards set forth by the manufacturer and I want to trust that Berger is the place to do that.

Next on the agenda is getting Lady Ronn out of the house and to the doctor.