It's Super Bowl Sunday

Patriots. Eagles. Super Bowl. It’s that time of year folks. Time for a night of junk food, munchies, pizza, and the greatest commercials mankind has ever created. Also, I think there will be some football game or some such. As far as teams go, this one is a big “who cares” for me. But this year I’m more conflicted than most. I really want the Patriots to lose; because, Denis. But I’m also thinking that Belichick/Brady winning another Super Bowl would be cool. I put Belichick first there, because I think he’s probably more responsible for their success than Brady, but whatever. Eagles are cool. I like eagles. The Bald Eagle is our national bird.
So, Patriots or Eagles, whichever. Let’s just make it a good game. Please and thank you.
Monday starts a 3-week stretch where I’ll be in school four nights a week. Electronic Controls and Duct Design, two nights for each. This may affect my posting schedule. I really want to put something up everyday, but life. Just a bit of fair warning, so you don’t think I’ve disappeared or forgotten about this ridiculous ego project that I’ve been working on for-EVER, or since 2003, whichever is less long. I assume I’m going to be busy. You’ve been made aware.
Enjoy the game or the commercials or whatever you’re doing today. I’ve got to get out of here and heat up some pizza rolls. Later.