Pushing Ahead, Despite Myself

It’s not you. It’s me. Seriously.
This semester, Summer 2018, I signed up for EL 144 Basic Electricity and Electronics and TE 103 Intermediate Technical Math (Online). Each are 4-credit classes packed into an expedited schedule, 9-weeks for the first and 7-weeks for the second.
One week in and I’m thinking this is going to be a load to haul. I’ve spent 15-hours doing math and still haven’t finished the weeks work yet and it took 13-hours of class and study time to do my electronics work. I have no time for projects or websites or much more than work and school. I leave for work at 8 am and leave school at 10 pm. I basically have two hours to eat, shower, shit, and do whatever else needs doing.
Both of these classes are math heavy. Which is kind of an issue for me, as I’ve had no math since 9th grade (1982 for those who are trying to do the math) and that was just algebra. I’m trying to pick up all this college level math on the fly. And let me tell you, I’m not enjoying it.
Posts may be a bit sparse around here until the end of June. And I may come out the other side of this semester completely mad. Consider yourself warned.

i took algebra in 9th grade, because they told me i wouldn’t have to take anymore math in high school