One Down, One To Go

TE103 – Intermediate Technical Math Online has finished. On Friday, I went to the testing center and took two tests: Test 4 and the Final Exam. I could have skipped the final if I had taken Test 3, done well, and not wanted to attempt to replace my lowest test grade, but a medical emergency here at home caused me to miss part of my Thursday class, that third test, and all of Father’s Day weekend. I’m not going to go into it, but the lovely and talented, Lady Ronn, is feeling much better now. I was at the college from 8:30 am until 2:30 testing. That’s a lot of time to be sitting in a cheap plastic chair, but I’m happy to report, it worked out pretty well. I managed 83/100 on Test 4 and 87/100 on the final. Better than I expected to do on either. Final grades have not been posted, but the unofficial score looks to be 86.982%. I’ll take that and smile. This was a difficult class for me, mainly because it had been so long since I’ve done anything more than basic math. I feel like I accomplished something good, but I will not miss the 6-hour math sessions 3-4 times a week.
Still have three more weeks in my electronics class… I am not enjoying that one much at all. It’s not what I was expecting, I can’t see any sort of application for this stuff in my personal or professional life, and worst of all, there is no context in the instruction. Now that I’m down to one class, I can focus on it more fully. Maybe that will make a difference. I must persevere and continue to move forward. It is a 4-credit class after all.