It's Another Friday Night In Kentwood

Tonight I went for a 2-hour ride along the Grand River, back through downtown, and to the Honda dealership. Damn, do I want an Accord Coupe something fierce right now. Ah well, the ride was nice and a new car can wait until next summer. Besides, I hardly ever even use the car I have at this point. What with driving the van all day and not going anywhere at night, I maybe drive my car five days out of 14… and most of that is going to see my lady or driving her around.

Wednesday that lady came out and spent the night. She had a job interview on Thursday for something that sounds good… we’ll see what happens. So you didn’t get a post because I was entertaining… …I think that’s what the kids are calling it these days. And yesterday the time I normally spend writing posts was spent adding posts to the archive. I’ve finished the 2003 and 2004 posts, but that was easy because apparently I wasn’t doing much posting either of those years. 2005 should have more substinance to it.

Tomorrow is my boys granduation party. I got him a card and some cashola, but I’m almost afraid to think what he’s going to do with it. This’ll be the first time in his life he’s had this kind of money and he’s not exactly money wise. I’m hoping it’ll go toward a car or school, but it’ll probably go to video games and fun money. Yikes. Think positive thoughts. I’m going to write a little something to put in the card, but I’m not sure exactly what that’ll be just yet.

Today was payday and somehow I had more bills than I thought I had going into this part of the month… hmmm…. well, I’ve been spending too much money of late anyway. I need to stop eating out everydamnday.

I want to play Temple of Elemental Evil, the PC game, but I’m not sure how well it’ll run on my machine. I think it’s part of my growing surplus of creative energies. I really need to start writing or drawing or something, otherwise I’m going to end up doing the whole building a rpg wold thing again. Which I do not need to be even thinking about.