I'm 40 Today

Today is my 40th birthday. This is supposed to be one of the big ones, right?! I mean you can drive when you turn 16. You’re an adult at 18, voting, military service, jail, all the good stuff. At 21 you can drink. I guess you’re supposed to have grown up when you become 30. So is 40 or 50 over the hill? Guess it depends on the crowd. 65 is retirement. And 100 is, well, you made it to 100. So there’s the big ones. How do I feel about 40… mixed.

On one hand, if you assume that I’m not even halfway through my life (and I assume that technology will advance sufficently to allow me to remain alive indeffinately) eighty would seem like a short life anymore. Besides, I figure my retirement age is probably more like 70, and that means that I’ve got 30 more years of work ahead of me. Or roughly what I’ve worked so far, plus six more years… I’m not even half done with working. So there’s a lot of work left. So if you’re asking me if I feel old, the answer is no. If you’re asking me if I’m starting to feel the rush to deadline. Yes. It’s as if what I do from here on out counts and that everything from before was just practice.

So where am I at in my 40th year of life. Well, the good stuff is that I’ve got the best job I’ve ever had and it looks like I have lots of room to grow and continue to get better. My kids are mostly grown (15 & 18) and as such don’t need me nearly as much as they once did. I’m with a wonderful woman and happy to be in love. I own a motorcycle and my car will be paid off in a couple months.The bad is that my credit is still shoddy and in need of work, I have no savings or retirement, I’m nearly 20-pounds heavier than I was last year at this time, and I’m on a downward slide when it comes to my motivation and drive… Must be the contentment. All in all, things are going quite well, thank you very much.

So I recognize that I need to work on my motivation, my drive really. I need to take better care of my body and my mind. I need to exercise more, read more, and write more to get where I want to be personally and professionally. I need to socialize more and spend more time with those closest to me. But really, I’m not doing to bad. And the way I see things, they’re only going to get better.