Right Tool for the Job

Here’s a little bit of handy advice for you. You’ve probably seen both of these types of plungers, but did you realize that they’re for different things. Sure, you can use them interchangeably for the most part, but they work better for their intended purpose.

toilet plunger – images from the Home Depot website

The toilet plunger has a big tapered cup on the bottom to get down into the bowl and make a better seal, give more pressure, and what not. Most of them have a collapsible cup that can be folded up inside to create a sink plunger. But do you really want to touch that or put it in your sink? What you want is one of these…

sink plunger – images from the Home Depot website

A sink plunger doesn’t have the tapered bit and will sit nicely in the sink to do your plunging. These come in a variety of sizes. But the biggest benefit to them is that they haven’t been in your toilet. Or if yours has, you realize what a terrible job they do at that job. They’re great for sinks, not so much for toilets.

Now you know.