Summer School 2019

It’s that again. Time to register for classes for the 2019-2020 school year. I’m not thinking far enough ahead, and I know that, but I’m only interested in Spring/Summer this time around. At this point, with the completion of the two classes that I’m currently in, I’m done with the HVAC program at GRCC. I still need 4-credits of math or science to get my associate degree. Which means I need to pick a math or science class to take this summer, and I need to take a minimum of 6-credits to qualify for my student loan.

Last summer my classes were all in the first half of the Spring/Summer semester and that worked out nice. It gave me the second half of the summer off to do what needed doing. I’m going to do the same thing this time around. I wanted to take biology and math as my summer choices. But I tested low on the math assessment and I actually need to take MA 98 before I can take MA 101. The issue there being that I don’t get credits for MA 98, or any other math below MA 101. When I tried to sign up for MA 98, it conflicted with the lab for biology. So I went another direction. I’ll have to do the math another time, because I will need it for the bachelor degree.

I’ve registered for 7-credits, two classes, and will have the second half of spring/summer off, so I’m happy with all of that. I’m taking biology, because it’s available, meets the requirement, and I can do the classroom stuff online. I still need to go to the school for the lab portion. And as a personal interest choice I wanted to do creative writing, but it’s not available at a time that works for me, so I decided to go with public speaking.

BI 101 – General Biology

Online Course: 05/06/2019-06/24/2019
Lab: TuTh 5:30 PM-7:30 PM 05/07/2019-06/20/2019
Biology 101 is a survey course for non-science majors introducing the following topics: the nature of science, ecology, biological diversity, evolutionary theory, genetics, biotechnology, cellular biology, and human anatomy and physiology. An emphasis is placed upon how these topics apply to students’ lives. Biological issues with societal impact such as stem cell use, cloning, genetic engineering, climate change, and conservation are also explored.

COM 131 – Fundamentals of Public Speaking

Course: MoWe 6:15 PM-9:15 PM 05/06/2019-06/24/2019
In this course students research, develop, organize, and deliver informative, persuasive, and special occasion presentations. Students create and use key-word outlines to present speeches using an extemporaneous style delivery. To enhance speeches, students prepare and use a variety of presentational aids. Students listen to and evaluate their own and peers’ speeches.

Registration is done. Now I need to get down to the offices of Ferris State University offices and my counselor to discuss what comes next and determine what I can take at GRCC, what I can do online, and what I need to do at Ferris in order to get my bachelor degree. Also, I need to figure out how long this will take and what it’s going to cost me in the end. But I have made the decision to continue. To keep going forward and to get that advanced degree.