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How would you react if you found out your grade in a health and fitness class was going to be affected by your body composition as measured by your BMI?

Are parents to blame when children are overweight?

Should parents be charged with negligence in caring for their children (if a child is over weight or obese)?

If I found out during the class that my grade was going to be affected by my BMI I would be quite upset. If I learned this information going into the class, I would be less upset. There is a lot of unknown qualifiers in that first sentence. Is my grade going to be based on a comparison to my beginning vs end BMI for the class?

Will the grade be based on my results or some other criteria for healthy BMI. These are things I would need to know in order to gauge my reaction to such an announcement.

Parents are most definitely responsible for their children’s health. And as such, an overweight child is the result of the parenting that child receives. Parents buy, make, and serve the food in the house. Parents should ensure that their children are getting enough physical activity and moderate the diet of their children. As to charging parents for negligence for raising an overweight child, while I would love to say that is a ridiculous idea. But we live in a world where I’m sure there are plenty of people who would like to see such legislation. Children live the lives their parents live, they always have. The habits of the parents become the habits of the children. Why not just take such an idea to its logical conclusion and charge everyone with negligence for not living a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps we should regulate what can be sold in stores and how much of those items each person can buy. I could go on, but let me suffice to say that I do not agree with any such idea.