What's Going On With This Site?

So I went and bought Microsoft Expression Web 2 with the hope that I could use it to make an updated site. But it’s been sitting in the desk for a month and I have only made a basic template… and even that is built on the same old table design that I used before. I’m not exactly blazing a path toward having a fully realized site. Even this weblog is plain old vanilla default layout. I blame it all on a combination of the game City of Heroes and my being lazy as hell. All I can say is soon I’ll have something a little more personal.
Hell, at this point I haven’t even posted on my blogger site that I’ve gotten this back.
Also, I can’t use CorelDraw or CorelPaint for graphics because the version I have won’t play nicely with Vista. I may have to get my old machine back out just to make graphics… or I guess I could learn a new program.
eh… this is just a rambling mess of a post. I’ll do better next time. At least you know I’m still out here.